A Trip to Africa with
Alexey Zakharov *
"By the Footsteps
of the Big Five"

A unique car journey through the countries of southern Africa searching the famous Big Five
(Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, Lion, Leopard)
12 Mar - 26 Mar 2022 *
30 Apr - 14 May 2022
17 Sen - 01 Oct 2022
02 Oct - 16 Oct 2022
29 Oct - 12 Nov 2022
South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia
starting from 2625 USD
* Special discount by Alexey Zakharov: -15% (starting from 2222 USD)
An unforgettable trip to Africa with Alexey Zakharov -
The Journey of your Dreams!
You drive the car by YOURSELF... On the roof of which you can live!
Impressions from the trip are even MORE!!!
Africa is beautiful at any time of the year, its nature is impressive.
Famous African animals in search of water will accumulate at the watering holes that we will visit.
You will have a unique chance to see all the famous Five (Elephant, Rhinoceros, Buffalo, Lion, Leopard)
Your impressions will stay with you for the rest of your life!!!
Alexey Zakharov is a Tour Leader of these trips.
What do you know about him?
48 years old, divorced, two children 13 and 19 years old + snow-white samoyed Raspberry.
Charming and enjoys traveling and trekking in the mountains.
Nepal, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Cuba, Morocco, Ireland, England, India, and other 20 countries are proud to have seen Alexey :-)

Our journey will start in Cape Town, then we will head towards the southernmost point of Africa, to Cape Agulhas. After that, we will move to the north of South Africa to the border with Namibia, in Namibia we will cross almost the entire country from south to northeast, to the border of Botswana, then across Botswana to the border of Zimbabwe, then get to Victoria Falls, and at the end, we will visit Zambia.
Cape Town (2 nights) - Cape Agulhas (1 night) - Springbok (1 night) – Orange River – Fish River Canyon - Luderitz (1 night) - abandoned town Kolmanskupe - Sosusvlei (1 night) - Swakopmund (1 night) – Skeleton Coast - Etosha Park or Ochivarongo (1 night) - Bushmen Village (1 night) - Maun (1 night)- Okavango Delta (1 night) - Victoria Falls (2 nights)
Day-by-Day PROGRAM
Day 0. Departure to South Africa.
This day we start flying to South Africa. There are many flight options, you can choose the one that seems to you the most convenient and profitable.
Day 1. South Africa. Cape Town.
Our journey will begin in the South African city of Cape Town. Upon arrival, you will be met at the airport, brought to 4* hotel, where you would be able to have a rest and... the most important event of the first day is picking up cars for our trip, the first ride in the city to adapt to right-hand drive and left-hand traffic. And of cause the welcome dinner at the evening.

Daily mileage - 20km,
Accommodation - hotel in Cape Town.
Day 2. South Africa. Cape Town.
On the second day of our stay in Cape Town, we will go to the Cape of Good Hope, on the way we will stop at a colony of African penguins. The road to the Cape of Good Hope runs along one of the 10 most beautiful passes in the world – Chapman Pass. After lunch, you will climb the famous Table Mountain. You can walk (about 2 hours) to a height of 1086 meters, or take the funicular. And in the evening, before dinner, we will visit the Signal Hill by car and will watch the sunset over the ocean.

Daily mileage - 150km,
Accommodation - hotel in Cape Town.
Day 3. South Africa. Cape Agulhas.
Early in the morning, after breakfast, we quickly move to the east of the country, towards Cape Agulhas – the southernmost point of the African continent. Our way will run along the coast full of scenic views. We will make a stop in the city of Hermanus, famous for the fact that whales splash and frolic along the coast here. In the late afternoon we will arrive at Cape Agulhas, where we will take pictures by the invisible border of two oceans, the Atlantic and the Indian. For the first time we will set up a tent camp near the lighthouse. For the first time, we will cook dinner on the campfire on our own. And for the first time we will observe the starry sky in the southern hemisphere.

Daily mileage - 280 km,
Accommodation - a tent or a room in a camping.

Day 4. South Africa. Springbok.
This day will be spent almost by driving the car. We will cover 700 km to the north of the country, the way will lie through scenic mountains, through high passes. And of caouse, we will stop for a wine tasting at one of the many wineries in South Africa.

Daily mileage - 690 km,
Accommodation - hotel or camping in Springbok (tent or room).

Day 5. Namibia. Luderitz.
Here it is: the country of deserts, eternal sun and red sands – Namibia.
In the morning, after breakfast, we drive up to the border of Namibia and cross to another country (usually it takes no more than 30 minutes to cross the border). On the first day in Namibia, we will visit the second largest canyon in the world – the Fish River Canyon. After the canyon, lunch at a private farm running by a collector of vintage cars. After lunch, we will take our way to the town Luderitz. On the way to Luderitz, a unique photo stop to watch the sunset in the desert. Dinner at the restaurant on the pier, overnight at the hotel.

Daily mileage - 490km,
Accommodation - hotel in Luderitz.
Day 6. Namibia. Sossusvlei.
In the morning, after breakfast, we will move towards the ghost town of Kolmanskupe. This town was built on a diamond mine in the 19th century, but at the beginning of the 20th century the diamonds in the mine were exhausted and the city became abandoned. After a walk around the city (with a visit, or rather with penetration into old houses covered with desert sands), we will start toward the valley of red dunes. Sossusvlei is the heart of the Namib Desert. We will climb one of the highest dune to watch the sun creeping over the horizon.

Daily mileage - 450 km,
Accommodation - camping in the desert (tents only).
Day 7. Namibia. Swakopmund.
On this day we will have a rise before dawn. What for? To quickly break camp and go to the top of the dune to watch the sunrise over the desert. An amazing sight. After sunrise, we will go deeper into the desert for another 15 km and walk to the Valley of Death (Deadvlei). Death Valley is a dried-up oasis where ancient trees have been preserved. Lunch at the exit from the desert and the road to the German city of Swakopmund with its straight streets and buildings of German architects. On the way we will stop for an afternoon snack in the canyon of the river in a beautiful gorge. Dinner at the old Jetty restaurant (1905) on the pier, departing about 300 meters into the ocean. Overnight at the hotel.

Daily mileage - 500 km,
Accommodation - hotel in Swakopmund.
Day 8. Namibia. Etosha Park.
In the morning, after breakfast, we leave Swakopmund and head for Etosha Park. The road lies along the shore of Skeletons, where we can see the remains of sunken ships, skeletons of animals and fish. The name of the coast is justified! Then we will visit a colony of fur seals, numbering more than 3,000 individuals, and by the evening we will reach the Etosha National Park. We will stay on the camping site with a swimming pool, where we will allow ourselves to relax a little from the intense impressions of the past days of travel. Here, for the first time, we will organize a real safari. We will observe wild animals in their natural habitat.

Daily mileage - 475 km,
Accommodation - Camping on the territory of Etosha Park (tent or room).
Day 9. Namibia. Bushmen village.
After breakfast, we will have a morning safari in Etosha Park, and after that, the road to the east, towards Botswana. Along the way, you will visit the Goba meteorite that fell in this area many centuries ago, and by evening we will arrive at the Bushmen's village, set up camp there and communicate with the bushmen, they will show us their way of life, we will have the opportunity to go hunting with them, get survival lessons in Africa, and watch their folk dances.

Daily mileage - 600 km,
Accommodation - Tsumkwe town, Bushmen village (tent or room).
Day 10. Botswana. Maun.
In the morning after breakfast, Bushmen hunters will be waiting for us to take us hunting with them (2-3 hours), after returning from hunting, we turn off the camp and go further towards Botswana. Crossing the border from Namibia to Botswana at a very small and missing border crossing on maps. Interestingly, this border crossing only works when the sun is shining, because there is no electricity there. After crossing the border, we keep our way to the city of Maun. We have dinner there and spend the night at the hotel.

Daily mileage - 450 km,
Accommodation - hotel in Maun.
Day 11. Botswana. Okavango Delta.
After breakfast, we head to the delta of the famous Okavango River (Moremi Park), where we will spend the next day and a half in absolutely wild nature. We'll see a lot of different wild animals, and if we're lucky, we'll watch the predators hunt. If desired, we can also take a water safari on boats with a guide to see hippos and crocodiles, as well as various aquatic birds of Africa.

Daily mileage - 200 km,
Accommodation - a lodge in the Moremi Park (room) or a tent under the Baobab tree.
Day 12-14. Zimbabwe, Zambia. Victoria Falls.
In the morning we break camp in Moremi Park, cross Chobe Park with the largest elephant population and arrive at the border crossing point from Botswana to Zimbabwe. After the border, we will head to the pearl of South Africa - Victoria Falls. There are many interesting activities waiting for us here: this is a helicopter or hang glider flight over a waterfall, a sunset cruise, a jump from a giant bungee, or a flight over a gorge, as well as the largest souvenir market, this is where we recommend you to go shopping for crafts of the local population. In the morning of the 14th day, we will cross the border to Zambia on foot to look at Victoria Falls from the other side, and to take an unforgettable swim in the Devil's Bowl at Victoria Falls. In the second half of the 14th day, a plane awaits us, which will take us, with our impressions from this unforgettable African trip, to sweet home.

Daily mileage - 350 km,
Accommodation - hotel in Victoria Falls.
The price is Per Person sharing

WOW, Special discount by Alexey Zakharov!
for the trip in March (12/03-26/03) -15%

  • Children under 12 years of age receive a discount of 5% of the above amounts. (The discount cannot be combined with other discounts on promotions)
  • The above cost may change in accordance with the pricing policy of foreign partners and changes in exchange rates. The final price is the price that is fixed at the time of booking (execution of the contract). In case of any subsequent price fluctuations - both upward and downward - the cost of the services booked and paid for by you remains unchanged.

* In the "Comfort" and "Prestige" options, it is possible to provide our driver without additional payment for this service.
What is included
  • Provision of a four-wheel drive car for the entire duration of the trip;
  • Fuel for cars;
  • Provision of equipment and equipment for camping and safari;
  • Accompanied by a English-speaking guide;
  • All (!) transfers according to the program, including transfers from/to airports;
  • Road tolls and fees for cars when crossing borders.
Paid separately
  • International flight;
  • Meals during the trip;
  • Accommodation in hotels, lodges and campsites along the route (always depends on the type of accommodation you choose);
  • Entrance fees to museums, entrances to national parks, additional excursions;
  • Visa fee in case you need a visa (please ask for updated visa information)/
Below we will list the most frequent questions about our trip and the answers to them. If you have not found the question you are interested in, please fill the form below.
What is the airport of arrival and departure?
Arrival airport is Cape Town, South Africa (CPT). Departure airport is Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe (VFA).
Do we need to be vaccinated?
The Covid-19 vaccination is needed only for Zimbabwe. Please bring vaccination certificate hard printed.
How much money should I take with me?
You will need to have from 1000 to 1500 USD per person.
What about PCR tests for Covid-19?
As of January 20, 2022, we have to take PCR tests before each border crossing.
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